In Memoriam J. Scott Vogel

J. Scott Vogel, 47, of Peoria, IL passed away Wednesday, January 21, 2015. He was born June 25, 1967 in Pekin, IL to Kenneth E. and Vicki L. (Sadler) Vogel. He was preceded in death by his mother; maternal grandparents; paternal grandparents and nephew, Brayden Vogel. He is survived by his daughters, Lelaina Vogel of Cambridge, MA, Alexandra Vogel of Washington, IL; son, K. Holden Vogel of Washington, IL; father, Kenneth Vogel of Pekin, IL; sister, Lisa (Jerry Waltz) Vogel of Morton, IL; the mother to his children, Danielle Vogel of Washington, IL; three nieces and one nephew. Scott was a member of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. He worked for AT&T. Cremation has been accorded and a memorial mass was held Monday, January 26, 2015 at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Pekin, IL, and was laid to rest at St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery in Pekin, IL.

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CEFCU Attn: Vogel Children Education fund
PO Box 1805
Peoria, IL 61656-1805

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A message from a friend of Scott:

Brothers, friends and family --

On January 26, 2015, we laid our friend Scotty to rest in Peoria. It was a gray and cold day, in keeping with the occasion. Since that time, I believe that we have all privately pondered what happened and what we could have done differently to save our friend from the inevitable results of his self-destruction. I imagine each of us will answer that question in slightly different ways; however, those answers will all converge to the simple fact: Not much. Personally, through this inner dialogue, I discovered that my bonds to our fraternity and my brothers had become, not unexpectedly, frayed and thin with the burdens of work and family and just simple life, as we now find ourselves closer to fifty than to twenty. I imagine that others feel similarly.

With an eye towards the future, six or seven friends have been discussing what we should all do, as we turn our attention to Scott's family. While we cannot undo the sad circumstances, nor fact, of Scott's death, we can work together to see to his children, out of a sense of love for the Scott that we remember. Further, we are, together, so much stronger than standing alone; we should address this challenge together, well aware that there will be other calls to action in the long decades to come. This seems to me, to be the essence of fraternity.

There is an immediate need for financial assistance for the family. After not working for five years, Scotty exhausted all savings and retirement arrangements; he was deeply in debt. Danielle has been working as a public school teacher for only five years. The family cannot pay for the simple funeral arrangements. In the long term, our focus should be on Holden, 11, and Alexa, 15, and their education. Lanie is graduating this year and her bright future seems assured.

In terms of addressing these immediate needs, I would like to challenge you: Please consider mailing a check to the family. Ask yourself how you would have us support your children in similar circumstances, were you to pass away. While we are all middle class people, with many demands on our salaries, I would put this in context: Ask yourself how much you spend on cable television on a monthly basis, and send a check which is some multiple of that amount.

In terms of the longer term educational needs of the children, this will require smaller amounts donated over time. When I think that I buy perhaps sixty Starbucks coffees a month, I will offer two of them up to the children's educational costs -- perhaps $10 a month for the next ten years, when Holden will be 21. I will arrange this via a recurring charge through my bank account.

Fraternally, John Bass, Zeta Omega 1989


Scott Vogel was an undergraduate at Bradley University from 1985-1989 and was a Charter member upon the establishment of the Zeta Omega Chapter in March 1987. In addition to various fraternity activities, he served as Vice President and President. After graduation he served as Chapter Advisor in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s and was an active member of the house corporation.

Biography (Zeta Omega specific): J. Scott Vogel, 1989
Charter Member of Zeta Omega
Initiated: March 29, 1987
Roll Number: 39
Offices held: Vice President and President
Alumni Service: Zeta Omega Chapter Advisor
Nickname: Scotty, Tay

Delta Tau Delta - Zeta Omega Chapter - Bradley University